About Us

At Vilair, Clean Air Solutions is our business

Vilair – specialised supplier of air filtration products, cleanroom equipment, dust, mist and fume control systems.

Downflow containment booths and laminar flow units are manufactured in Australia and fitted with Vilair HEPA and ULPA filters.



Fit for purpose solutions, consultative design and extensive history of proven performance.



Vast range of products, large warehoused stock holdings coupled with timely logistical supply.



Ability to provide project management via customised service from our years of experience.

Founded in 1969, now known as a revolutionary for clean air...

Vilair was established in 1969 and has developed into one of Australia’s leading air filtration companies.

Clean air is our business. We are a specialised manufacturer & supplier of air filtration and contamination-control systems for a wide range of applications. The company has access to world-class technologies, research and support

Proudly a significant part in the Kelly Group of companies and incorporates “Gelaire” Laminar Flow safety cabinets and hoods.