Theatre Systems

Operating Theatres require optimal particulate containment for risk management of post operative infections.

Vilair Operating Systems have been used extensively in many Australian hospitals with in capital cities as well as regional areas.

Theatre Systems (Explained)

Vilair  OTS diffusers were developed as a low-cost means of meeting the needs of these applications, and are designed for installation in new construction or existing theatres. This system provides an economical means of achieving ultra-clean conditions by locating a single, large HEPA filter diffuser over the theatre table. The diffuser is designed to accommodate the centre penetration of a light fitting. This design provides a high degree of contamination control in a 2800 x 2800 mm ‘clean zone’ centred on the theatre table. The airflow pattern will be downwards and outward over the table so as to sweep airborne contamination from the surgical team away from the table1. This pattern will be assisted by the influence of low-level return-air grilles.

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