Systems - Pressurisation

Ducted Side Access Housing

Side Access Housing provide a space saving solution by allowing the replacement filters to slide in and out from any side nominated on the unit. Modular design means larger airflows can be accommodated. Should side access be unachievable, front withdrawal is an option. Where required weather proofing, cowling and/or louvers can be added.

More about Pressurisation

Pressurisation units are used to create positive pressure environments, which by nature prevents the egress of particles entering such environments via doors, crevasses, louvers etc. The units are normally a complete system, consisting of at least two stages of filtration, a variable speed fan all contained in a single housing. Air is then drawn through the filters, pass the fan and this clean air is pushed into the room(s). This air then flows out via crevasses, door jams, window seals etc. preventing any dirty air coming back through same.

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