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Our latest innovation for increased filtration efficiency of existing return air systems is the Micro-ElectroStatic Purification (MESP). Easily added to your existing air conditioning return. This product offers low resistance, high efficiency and lower operating costs.

Series 600

Stand-alone product, with its own fan, allowing it to be installed separately from any other system. The unique design allows for tool-less replacement of consumable components which are readily available from our well stocked, centrally located distribution facility.

More about Cleaners

Air cleaners are an adjunct to any existing air conditioning system. The addition of air cleaners increases air change rates whilst concentrating on particular zones of concern. In similar action to a vacuum cleaner, the air cleaner constantly removes particulates and or odours without restricting the air conditioning system from its purpose. Often an air conditioning fan is insufficient to be able to  handle the additional pressures of high filtration. Multiple cleaners or larger units can be used for focus areas.

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